♥ How much do you charge for wedding photography and what’s included in the price?

I charge £1750 for a full day wedding shoot and all that comes with it! That means that you have me at your wedding from start to finish or for as long as you need me. I will also meet up with you or chat over the phone a few times before your wedding, to get to know you as a couple and discuss exactly what you require from me on your wedding day. You can also email, phone, text, tweet or Facebook message me anytime night or day after you have booked me and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. I offer a totally personal service, and would like you to feel that by the time your wedding comes around I am there as a friend as well as your wedding photographer!

After your wedding is when all of the behind the scenes work happens, I carefully select and edit each one of your wedding photographs individually to make sure they are as beautiful as they can possibly be. I also use your wedding photos to create a stunning movie slideshow around 12-15 minutes long to the songs of your choice. This takes some time, and you will usually receive your images around 6 weeks after your wedding day.

♥ Do you offer packages?

I like to keep things simple, so instead of offering packages I have one fixed full day price which covers every aspect of your wedding photography. You then have the option to customise your package by adding on extras, such as a second photographer, pre-wedding shoot or Graphistudio wedding albums. 

♥ Do you work alone or with another photographer?

I am able to cover most of the day pretty well myself without the need for a second photographer. However, should you require extra coverage of your day, such as the groom’s preparations, I can provide a second photographer to work with me on the day. I would also recommend having a second photographer if you have more than 60 daytime guests, just to ensure you get lots of candid shots of everyone!

♥ How much deposit do you require?

I ask for a 20% booking fee to secure your wedding date at the time of signing contracts, and the rest of the balance to be paid anytime up to two weeks before your wedding. If you would like to split the payments or pay by instalments that’s totally fine too!

♥ Can we print the photographs ourselves?

Yes! You will have full printing rights for your photographs so you can print them out as many times as you like. However, I cannot guarantee the reproduction quality from high street or online printers, so I would recommend that you order your favourite photographs through your online gallery, which will be printed by a high quality professional printing lab. 

♥ Do you offer pre-wedding shoots?

Yes I do, and I would encourage people to have a pre-wedding shoot, particularly if they are a bit shy about being photographed. The shoot can take place in a location of your choice, and it gives us a chance to try out some shots before the wedding. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get used to being in front of the camera, and is great practice for the big day. It means that on your wedding day you will feel comfortable and relaxed being photographed by me, which ultimately means you will get better photographs. 

♥ What experience do you have as a wedding photographer? 

I have over ten years experience working as a wedding photographer, and during that time I have worked very hard to develop my own unique style. I’m lucky enough to have photographed weddings in some of the most beautiful wedding venues across the northwest, from rustic barns and farms to stunning country manors and castles! I strive to always be learning and developing new techniques to enable me to be as creative as possible with your wedding photography. 

♥ How would you describe your wedding photography style?

I like to think of myself as an artist as much as a wedding photographer, so I always try to create images that are beautiful and creative, rather than just ‘ordinary’ wedding photos. I love the vintage style of photography, which I try to subtly incorporate into my style, without following any obvious ‘fads’ or ‘trends’.  I am also a big fan of black and white photography, as I think it is classic and timeless and sometimes more emotive than colour photographs. 

As for my shooting style, I try to capture the day as naturally as possible, without the need for too much intervention. Your wedding day should be about you, having fun with your guests, and not dominated by the photographer! I believe that natural, candid, photographs tell the true story of your day. 

♥ We understand that you photograph in an unobtrusive ‘documentary’ style, but are you still able to take some ‘formal’ family photos?

My main aim on your wedding day is to capture all of those spontaneous, emotional moments that happen throughout the day, and to photograph as discreetly as possible. I like to tell the true story of your wedding day;  I’m not a fan of cheesy, posed photographs with fake, uncomfortable smiles. However, I do believe that a few formal family shots are still important so I’m more than happy to take these. I’ll ask you to prepare a list of who you would like in these shots and give it to me a couple of weeks before the wedding. You’re welcome to have as many formal shots as you wish, but as they can be quite time consuming and eat into the time you could be enjoying with your guests, I do recommend that you select around 8-10 formal shots.

I like to have a bit of fun with the photos of you both together, so I like to work with people who are open to creative ideas and a bit of experimentation! I try to keep these photo sessions fun and relaxed and avoid cheesy poses, whilst also providing you with the type of photos that are a bit different to what you would see in the average wedding album. Your wedding is totally unique, and so your wedding photos should be!

♥ Do you offer albums?

Yes, the wedding albums I offer are from the award winning ‘Graphistudio’ range and are absolutely beautiful. Wedding album design and production takes around 8 weeks after I receive your chosen images. However, you do not have to decide on a wedding album at the time of booking, this is something that can be decided on after the wedding. 

♥ What equipment do you use and do you have back ups?

I only use professional grade Nikon cameras and lenses and take back ups of everything to weddings with me.

♥ I hate having my photograph taken, I’m really un-photogenic and worried about being photographed all day.

You and pretty much everyone else! It’s totally normal to feel like that, especially as the only photos you usually see of yourself are badly exposed mobile phone photos taken at unflattering angles. Please don’t worry, if you’re relaxed and having fun on your wedding day (which you will be!) it will show in your photos. I am well aware that even the most stunning brides have things they don’t like about their appearance, but with the combination of great lighting and flattering angles, your wedding photos will be sure to show your true beauty!

♥ Is it ok for our guests to take photos too? Uncle Bob is a budding photographer and would like to take some photos on the day!

Of course! I always encourage guest photography, you can never have too many photos of your friends and family at your wedding. However, I would recommend having an ‘unplugged’ ceremony, as I would much rather photograph your lovely faces walking down the aisle, than lots of mobile phones and Ipad screens! I also ask that during ‘formal’ photography times, such as signing the register, guest formals and bride and groom photos, that guests do not take photos whilst I am photographing. This is due to time constraints and allows me to take the best photos I can in a short space of time. 

How do we go about making a booking and what happens after we book?

If you love my images and think that I would be the perfect person to photograph your wedding, all you need to do is give me a shout to check my availability, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I usually book up the most popular dates during peak season (May – September) at least a year in advance, so it’s best to contact me as early as possible. If I am free on the date of your wedding, then you can either decide to book straight away, in which case I will send you all of the paperwork to sign, or we can arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat first. Alternatively, if it’s not convenient to meet we can have a chat over the phone. After I have received the signed paperwork and booking fee, your date is then secure in my diary and the excitement begins!!

If you have any more questions, big or small, feel free to contact me by filling out the short form below and I’ll get back to you super quick.