untitled-4Hello! My name’s Hayley and I’m a wedding photographer based in the amazingly vibrant city of Liverpool, covering the whole of the Northwest and beyond. I’m originally from Cambridgeshire, but I came to Liverpool as a student many years ago and fell in love with the city, and I am now proud to call it home. 

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I have a slight passion for photography and weddings!

Photography has been a hobby of mine pretty much all of my life, but after following a ‘safe’ career for most of my twenties, I eventually decided to throw caution to the wind and follow my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. As I’m a bit of an old romantic type, to be able to combine photography with weddings is just the perfect job for me. I’ve been shooting weddings for over seven years now and I have to confess I still shed a tear at the speeches!

Since I started learning photography many years ago I’ve always been fascinated by long exposures and light paintings. I think there is something really magical, enchanting and ethereal about night photography. I will very often wait until it is dark at a wedding and head out with handfuls of sparklers or coloured lights to create a really stunning and unique bride and groom portrait (or funky group shot, depending on how many people can be prised away from the dancefloor!). You can view some of my light paintings here: LIGHT PAINTINGS

When I’m not photographing weddings I absolutely love to travel. It’s another one of my passions. I’m a bit of an adventurous type so I’ll often just take off on my own to venture around far flung destinations with just a backpack for company. My favourite place in the world so far is Havana in Cuba, but I’ve lots more countries to tick off my list. So…. if you are getting married abroad please get in touch, as I’ll probably shoot your wedding for a lot less than you think just for the chance to visit a new country! 

I’m also a bit of a rock chick and love going to festivals and gigs, so live music and band photography is another one of my photographic passions.

I’m lucky enough to live in the bohemian area of Lark Lane in Liverpool, in a flat that I share with my two cats (I know, crazy cat lady alert!). When I’m not taking photographs I like hanging out on Lark Lane, perusing vintage shops, going to festivals, travelling, learning Spanish, and attempting to play the guitar!

Please have a browse through my website, and if you would like to enquire about booking me for your wedding, please feel free to Contact me  at any time.


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